Our Most Played Songs

  1. We Are Different (Caleb Peavy)
  2. Oceans (Hillsong)
  3. I Will Wait (Caleb Peavy)
  4. One Thing Remains (Stanfill)
  5. 10,000 Reasons (Redman)
  6. Cornerstone (Hillsong)
  7. Holy Spirit (Jesus Culture)
  8. How He Loves (Mcmillan)
  9. Stronger (Hillsong)
  10. Whom Shall I Fear (Tomlin)

Worshiping God is an everyday thing.  Not just on Sundays.  When's the last time you got alone and praised God with singing?  Or sat in silence still before our Creator?  We want this website to help stir your heart to worship God.  Whether it's suggested reading, corporate prayer, encouraging stories, or our top songs we do regularly.  

We aren't quite finished developing this page.  However, you can start with the song list above.  Check this page regularly to see little things that can help us worship God Monday through Sunday.