It's All About Jesus (John 5:32-47)

It’s All About Jesus

John 5:32-47


Jesus & The Father Are in Perfect Harmony!

  • The point of John is so that you BELIEVE! (John 20:31)
  • Jesus is trying to expose the fact of unbelief and the ground for unbelief
  • They liked John the Baptist because he was like them (30-36)


John’s testimony is good but it’s not decisive.

  • In other words it’s not needed to make true.
  • Why is it so hard for those that know the Scriptures to have unbelief (vs. 37-47)


6 Indictments 

  1. You have not heard His voice or seen Him at any time. (vs. 37-38)

  2. They don’t want to come to Him (vs. 39-40)

  3. They do not have the Love of God in them (vs. 41-42)

  4. They would not receive Him (vs. 43)

  5. They are in love with the praise of man (vs. 44)

  6. They don’t believe Moses and they don’t believe Him (vs. 45-47)


"This is not a Jews problem. It is a human problem!"


What we want has a massive control on what we can believe (vs. 44).  We are fearful that if we surrender it all we will loose something. However, it is all GAIN in the end!


“It’s no threat to have a King who is just like us,
but a humble King makes me feel stupid.” John Piper


  1. Faith by its nature in the Bible gives all glory to God not to itself. Romans 4:20

  2. Faith is drinking living water for the satisfaction of our souls. This drives out the craving of praise from man.  John 4, John 6:35


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