Living Water (Part 2 - John 4:27-42)

Sermon Notes

John 4:27-42

True, authentic worship causes us to forget why we came
because we found something greater than we ever imagined!


Main takeaway from last week - Jesus could have made the Samaritan woman an example because of her sin, instead He changed her and she became an evangelist.  (Click here for Part 1)

Worship has a relationship of reveal and response.

Observations & Interpretations

**SW = Samaritan Woman


    1.    The disciples didn’t criticize or question Jesus’ conversation with the SW.

  • Interpretation:  Criticism kills worship; it takes the focus off of God and makes it about us.
  • The disciples could have easily questioned why Jesus was talking to the SW.
  • They realized that there must be a reason he was speaking to her.

    2.    The SW immediately went to tell others about her experience.

  • Interpretation:  The response of worship is immediate.
  • SW didn’t say, “let me get back with you about this.”
  • Notice that the reveal isn’t always immediate, but the response is.

    3.    The SW used her story to communicate His story (the Gospel).

  • “Come, see a man who told me all that I ever did. Can this be the Christ?”
  • Interpretation:  Worship is a collision of our story and God’s story.
  • Everyone in the city knew her story.  The SW didn’t hide it.  In fact, she used it to boast about who Jesus is.

    4.    Jesus reveals the harvest is ready.

  • Interpretation:  We don’t have to wait to worship.
  • In fact, God was about to give them a chance with the Samaritans.
  • Jesus’ nourishment was to do God’s will and accomplish His work.

    5.    Many Samaritans believed Jesus because of the SW’s testimony.

  • Interpretation:  Every Christian can show Jesus to the world.  This is done through worship.
  • The SW was the least likely evangelist, but because she believed and responded she changed her whole city with the Gospel.

    6.    The Samaritans believed Jesus for themselves.

  • “We have heard for ourselves.”
  • Interpretation:  Worship is personal.  It’s what we know.
  • Do you see the transition?  The Samaritans used to worship “what they didn’t know” NOW they worship what they know.  What they have tasted for themselves!!!


Reveal.  Respond or Reject.



    1.    Replace criticism with praise.
    2.    Don’t let excuses or reasons stop you from an immediate response of worship.
    3.    Share your story with those who know you.
    4.    Carve out time every day to worship God.
    5.    Worship outwardly.
    6.    You are the worship leader of your heart.  Lead it.


Ways to Worship

    •    Reading God’s word
    •    Praying
    •    Meditating
    •    Fasting
    •    Singing
    •    Dancing
    •    Raising Hands
    •    Clapping
    •    Kneeling
    •    Giving
    •    Sharing the Gospel