Jesus' Equality with God (John 5:17-31)

Jesus' Equality with God

John 5:17-31


Observation (Ask the question)

  • What does the text say?
  • Who is Jesus claiming to be?


Interpretation (Answer the question)

  1. The Son can do nothing without the Father.

  2. The Father loves the Son & reveals everything to Him.

  3. The power to give life is shared between the Father & Son.

  4. God has given all judgment over to the Son.

  5. The Father and Son share equal honor.

  6. Believing and following the Son result in eternal life.

  7. The very end of the age will be by and through the Son.


"The bond between the Father & Son is perfect in every way! All the honor the Father has the Son has."

What Jesus, as the One and Only Son of God claimed was to be sent by God, on mission for God, doing the works of God, obedient to God, and bringing glory to God.

Application (Apply it to our lives)  

The Triune God:

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit they are equal in nature, submissive in duty, separate in persons.

  • Visual Example: A picture of my own Father & myself
  • Jesus did what He saw the Father do.
  • How is our relationship with The Son?
  • Are we doing what we have seen the Son (Jesus) do?

Have you been getting in on what God is doing around here!?