Photo:  Jim MacMillan

Photo:  Jim MacMillan

Thoughts 13 years later

Most of us remember where we were when we heard the news of 9/11.  People gathered all around the world to pray in churches for peace, comfort, and safety.  In fact, I cannot remember a time that I've seen so many people return to church at one time.

The heroes from that day were people who responded to the catastrophe in their own back yards.  All of the public service, friends, neighbors risked their lives to save others.  Most trying to save strangers they had never met.  It was a beautiful picture of love and kindness.

2,999 people died as a result of the attacks.  That's 5-6 times larger than the average number of people's friends of Facebook.  Imagine if everyone you knew were gone in a matter of moments.  I think it's easy to forget how large a number that is.  What startles me more than the almost three thousand deaths is something more devastating that happens daily.

Our sin is just as catastrophic as 9/11.  This isn't to take away from how horrible that day was by no means.  Sin is why the attacks happened in the first place.  What startles me most is that there are BILLIONS of people in need of rescue walking around us every day.  Where's the response like 9/11?  A response that involved 1-2 rescuers per person needing rescue.  I think our world would be very different if only millions of people tried to help rescue the billions from the grip of sin.  Make no mistake, only God can truly rescue people, which He did through Jesus' death.  We still must make an effort to tell our friends, family and strangers about our massive and unpayable debt that's been paid.

Before the towers fell and before the planes were hijacked, there was no rush to help because there wasn't a need.  We face an overwhelming need, but there's no help.  Sin isn't fun to talk about.  Spiritual death and decay isn't fun to talk about.  I'm sure there were people working who had no clue what going on that didn't feel the need for rescuing until it was too late.  The same can be said about the majority of the world.

Let's make a change to this epidemic.  Let's share the good news, the Gospel, that our payment of sin has been paid.  Free (Gratis) of cost to us because it was paid by Jesus on the cross.  Before the attacks, the streets of New York were silent.  The world is waiting in silence until it's too late.  Allow 9/11 to be a reminder of how important it is for the church to come together at all costs.  Who are you going to share the gospel with today?

I'm Different,