Pastor's Letter: Be Dad Of The Year In 2014

Did you know that Father's Day is the lowest attended holiday for churches everywhere?  This makes my little angry man inside blow steam out his ears.  What about you?  Are you, as a man, going to let this happen under your watch?  I'm not!  I refuse to let Satan control my family while I sit on a lake, watch golf, or sit around a grill all morning because it's "my day."  Our families want to celebrate us and our spiritual leadership.  We should be there with them to show them how important they are.

This Sunday 25% of married women will attend church without their husbands.  No wonder they don't want to watch football with us!  Every study I've seen shows that when men are spiritual leaders their children "are more likely to say they enjoy spending time with dad and that they admire him."  That's how I want to be, I'm sure you do too.  So what are we going to do about it?  How are we going make the change?

Let's Take Father's Day Back!

First we need to show up.  Make a statement to the enemy that this is God's territory and we're watching fully loaded.  We also need to examine ourselves to see how God can change us.  I'm excited to share this Sunday about how we can be the best man that God created us to be.  If you are one of the women in the 75% who's husband doesn't come with you, I want you to know that we are praying for you husband.  We'll get to him.  We're pretty good bounty hunters.  

Let's join together to make this the best Sunday as well as the best Father's Day ever at Gratis Church!

I'm Different,