Remembering What's Important

As we are approaching Memorial Day weekend, I am reminded of not taking our freedoms for granted.  I read these facts recently about Memorial Day.  "It was started by General John Logan, the National Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic as a way to unite the country following the Civil War.  Memorial Day was first observed on May 30th, 1868, by simply placing flowers on the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington's National Cemetery. After World War I, the holiday changed from honoring those who had died in the Civil War to honoring all Americans who died fighting in war."

  God the Father has given us the ultimate freedom in His Son Jesus Christ.  This weekend we will honor those who have gone before us and sacrificed so that we may have freedom.  Let's remember to not take our freedoms in America for granted.  Let's remember to support those who stand in the gap for us fighting for our freedom.  Let's remember to vote for those who will protect our religious freedoms and biblical beliefs.  Let's remember what is really important.

Making a difference,

Pastor Mike


Mike PeavyComment