Pastor's Letter: Integrity In The Workplace


This Sunday we will continue the story of Joseph.  As we have seen in previous weeks,  Joseph was a man of integrity.  How did Joseph's integrity affect his workplace in Egypt?  How can we affect our workplace in our very own community?  These are real questions we need to know if we are going to carry out our vision - real people making a real difference in real life. 

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.  Invite a friend.


Making a Difference,

Pastor Mike 


P.S. - I would like to invite all of the Gratis men to the Wildgame Dinner this Saturday, May 3rd at Bethlehem Church.  Doors open at 4pm. and dinner is served at 5pm.  I will be speaking at this event and it is a great opportunity to invite unchurched friends who enjoy the outdoors.  Yes, Bubba Dynasty will be in Bethlehem.

Mike PeavyComment