Pastor's Letter: Getting Ready for Easter

I'm Different: Easter 2014 will be unlike any other which we have experienced at Gratis Church.  God is not dead. He is very much alive and He wants each of us to experience His life and freedom.

I ask each of you to consider doing these three things this week. 

  1. Pray for our Gratis Church community to be radically changed by Jesus, "The Difference Maker."
  2. Be a part of Gratis Church history as we worship with over 225 chairs set up in the cafe.
    Note: Last year we had 150 gather. Let's ask God for over 200 this year. 
  3. Invite and bring with you an unchurched family member or friend. Yes, it is that simple. 

If you come expecting God to make a difference in your life, He will.  

Let's celebrate Jesus like never before this Sunday. See you on Easter Sunday.

Pastor Mike

FYI: For those who would like to help set up this week, we will meet at WPES this Friday, April 18 from 7:00-8:00.  After we set up, we will have a special time of prayer.