Who is Gratis Church?

Founded from our vision statement (see below), the I'm Different motto has exploded in our church.  We are different because we once were dead, now we live because of salvation in Jesus Christ, and we are making disciples who will make disciples.  It's simple to understand, but not by any means easy.  Will you join us in being different?  Let's show the world God's love by being different.

What do we believe?


to glorify God and advance His Kingdom.


to make disciples who will make disciples who will make disciples...


real people making a real difference in real life.


MIKE PEAVY // lead pastor

I’m different because of BUBBA.  After 20+ years of ministry, God broke my heart when I realized I didn't even know my neighbors.  That's when the dream of Gratis Church was born.  GC isn't my idea; it's God's idea.  I get excited when I see un-churched people find a home at our church.

I want to be real, so most Sundays you'll see me wearing my boots.  The same boots I use to plant my garden each year.  Like that garden, GC has exciting days ahead.  What we plant today, we will harvest tomorrow.  Grab your boots, we have lots of planting to do.


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CALEB PEAVY // worship pastor

I'm different because I'm creative (and I have a beard).  I believe that everyone can be creative because that's how God made us.

I'm creative through music, photography, and writing.  God has been gracious to allow me to travel all over the country and work with some extremely talented people.  There's no other place I'd rather be than Gratis Church.  The perfect place to raise my two sons with my wife Ana.


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